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WE Are the Water

“June 11, 2014” - Native Son, Matt Moseley, to Swim Solo the 25-mile Lake Crossing to Celebrate Lake Pontchartrain’s Recovery & LPBF’s 25th year
The swim will start “June 11, 2014” at the south shore and end in Mandeville the next morning.

NEW ORLEANS- Update - Louisiana native son and adventurer Matt Moseley plans to dive into Lake Pontchartrain at the south shore’s New Canal Lighthouse at 9 p.m.  tonight, June 11, and swim for 25 miles to cross the lake solo, to celebrate the lake he treasures and the silver anniversary of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation.   The swim was re-scheduled due to a weather system that came across Lake Pontchartrain on the originally planned start date of June 10, 2014.   The weather forecast for today and tonight looks favorable with light southwest winds.    Due the southerly breeze, Matt will start the swim at the south shore at the New Canal Lighthouse tonight.   The swim will end around 9 or 10 am tomorrow morning in Mandeville at the boat launch at Lake Pontchartrain  (near Bayou Castine).  A boat will be available to take media to Matt starting at 7 am Thursday morning in Mandeville. 

When Moseley talked to the American Rivers organization about open water swimming and the value of reconnecting to the water that sustains us, he expressed sentiments that many of us will surely repeat to ourselves as we follow his upcoming swim in Lake Pontchartrain.
“I equate open water swimming with getting off the track and on the trails for running or hiking. In open water, we leave the pool and the lane lines and the clock behind. We are all descendants of the water, and after swimming for long periods, one begins to feel that connection. After several hours of swimming, all thoughts wash away and the adventure becomes simply you and the water … In some small way, I would like for the swim(s) to make the connections between humans and our waters (for) somewhere along the way, we have lost what water means.”
Swim, our brother, swim. We are with you.

Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation (LPBF) has many friends who offer great support to our organization.  Recently two of these friends successfully completed a remarkable feat.  On May 2nd, world class swimmers Matthew Moseley and Glynde Mangum swam 26 miles across Lake Pontchartrain starting on the Northshore at midnight and finishing at the New Canal Lighthouse at around noon. 

The swim raised awareness for LPBF’s programs, particularly our water quality work and about $1500 toward the rebuilding of our beloved Lighthouse which was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.  Moseley has been a champion of LPBF’s efforts to clean up our Lake for years.  He, Mangum and their dedicated team (pictured below) faced stormy weather during their Lake crossing but they finished their swim successfully.  We are enormously grateful to them for shining a light on LPBF and The New Canal Lighthouse Museum and Education Center.


Open Water Swim Across Lake Pontchartrain helps rebuild the New Canal Lighthouse
Check out the We are the Water Video

This swim will celebrated the 25 years the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation has worked to restore the Pontchartrain Basin including its water quality and habitat.  Moseley and Mangum dedicated the swim to New Orleans blues man and friend Coco Robicheaux who passed in November of 2011. See the New Orleans Gambit article “Lighthouse Keeping” about our previous swim.

“The Lighthouse is an important historical feature of New Orleans that was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. We hope that people will make pledges for the swim to help restore this iconic landmark,” said Sheila Englert, director of development and outreach for the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation.  “We are also excited to celebrate all the years of hard work to clean up Lake Pontchartrain and this swim is a great way to do just that.”


It was just after dawn when Coco Robicheaux leaned over the side of the boat, dipped his Bloody Mary in Lake Pontchartrain and took a sip.
He ran his hand over the pistol holstered on his belt and chanted "Stroke! Stroke!" like an over-motivated swim coach.

Andrew Travers, Gambit

The Lighthouse will be the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation’s museum and education center and will offer exhibits and programs to the public about the ecology of the Pontchartrain Basin and the history of the New Canal Lighthouse. To make a pledge, go to or call 504-836-2205.

As the public’s independent voice, the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation is dedicated to restoring and preserving the water quality and habitats of the entire Lake Pontchartrain Basin.  Through coordination of restoration activities, education, advocacy, monitoring of the regulatory process, applied scientific research, and citizen action, LPBF works in partnership with all segments of the community to reclaim the Basin for this and future generations.

For inquiries about the swim contact:

Matthew L. Moseley
1805 Columbine Ave.
Boulder, CO 80302

Phone: 303-887-0826


Captain Allen Buras; Jennifer Buras: logistics

Allen and Jennifer Blow—Support and logistics

Sky King, coach, pacer/sighter

Spencer Hawkins, pacer/sighter

Tommy Giovagnoli, outreach

And several other characters…

This is adventure swimming at its most pure—Gonzo swimming really. This is not a race, but a journey. Let’s raise some money for the Lighthouse.

“And he lowered himself into the water, a free man,

a proud swimmer striking out for a new destiny.”

Joseph Conrad

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